How Do I Get Started?

Just start writing! We specialize in everything (ignore the oxymoron), so everything has a place here. Whether you want to write lengthy featured stories, list articles, reviews or even an advice column, as long as it’s interesting, entertaining and unique, we want it.

What Are Our Content Standards?

Good news! If you’re reading this, you’re already up to our standards!  As a general rule of thumb, content should be: lengthy, unique and have at least one high quality featured image. That’s it!

How Do I Schedule My Work?

After you’ve saved your work, you can go to Posts -> Calendar to check on the upcoming posts. We operate on a 7 day schedule, so place your post in the next available day that has the least amount of posts.  Here’s an example:

1 1 1 0 1 1 0

Add your post to Thursday, because it’s the next open slot!

2 2 3 2 2 1 2

Add your post to Saturday to make sure that the whole week has at least two posts!

Exceptions to this rule: weekly running columns should run on the SAME DAY of the week to maintain consistency and current news should run immediately!

Should I Feature My Work?

When you select the “features” category for your post, it gets bumped up to the main area of the main page. If you put a lot of work into an article, you should definitely feature it. Likewise, if there’s very little being posted on that day (one or two articles), you should also feature it, so that we cycle our work. If you’re not certain, ask on the FB group!

How Can I Proof My Work?

We have “After the Deadline” installed. Look for the ABC and check mark just above your post and click on it! It should give you both spelling and grammar suggestions.

How Can I Request Editing?

Do you need some advanced editing? Maybe your eyes are tired — or you’ve put a lot of work into this one. Just post to the FB group to ask if anyone’s up for the job!

Where Can I Get Images?

The best places for free images are Wikimedia Commons (requires attribution), Creative Commons Search (requires attribution) and MorgueFile (often does not require attribution; check first).

How Are We Monetized?

Good question, theoretical person! Our monetization comes from two streams: whole site and by article. Our whole site advertising is based on Adsense revenue share. Every month, you will get a share that is based on the amount of hits your articles are generated. Warning: Adsense revenue is not significant.

By article monetization comes from YOU! When you write your posts, you can add in affiliate marketing links. Some easy ways to get started are Amazon Associates and

Sound confusing? If so, a simpler answer: it’s pretty much exactly like Hubpages.

Except more awesome.